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About Carolina Home Improvement Center

Family Owned & Operated Since 2003

John Kelly founded the Carolina Home Improvement Center in 2003 to be a CHIC Coating System dealer in North Carolina. After looking at several other so called "permanent coating" companies Mr. Kelly chose to represent CHIC for several reasons. First, he would be buying directly the l manufacturer rather than from some middle man distributor who was private labeling some unknown manufacturer's product. Second, Stan Bender founded CHIC in 1984 and been in business far longer than any of the other choices. Third, after a thorough nationwide research, Mr. Kelly could find only positive references to the CHIC and its manufacturing firm. Fourth, the factory warranty offered by CHIC was far superior to any offered by any other company. Fifth, when Mr. Kelly discovered that Stan Bender had been actually applying his own product on buildings since 1984 he concluded that the product must do what was claimed. Otherwise, Bender would have long ago been out of business.

Since its founding, Carolina Home Improvement has installed the CHIC Advanced Coating on over 450 residential and commercial structures.

CHIC History & Overview:

CHICTM LIQUID VINYL, now named CHIC Advanced Coating System, first came to the attention of Stan Bender in 1983. A leader in marketing solid vinyl siding for the in British Columbia, Canada, Mr. Bender had been looking for a product that would offer the homeowner the benefits of Solid Vinyl Siding without the excessive cost and artificial appearance. LIQUID VINYL was originally developed in the United Kingdom during the mid 1960's for both the commercial and residential markets as an extremely thick liquid applied coating system designed to provide long-term protection for all types of stucco, masonry, and wood surfaces.

In the summer of 1983, Mr. Bender conducted market trials and test projects in the Vancouver area on the Liquid Vinyl. Based on their subsequent success, Mr. Bender obtained the exclusive rights to this extraordinary product and in 1984 started CANADIAN HOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER as the single source to supply and install the CHICTM Liquid Vinyl System. Over the next year, Mr. Bender applied his knowledge of the Home Improvement business, and developed a completely unique Supply/Install model for Marketing and distributing the CHIC Liquid Vinyl.

Following the principle that good isn’t good enough, Stan Bender with his sons Richard and David worked hard over the following two decades to improve and perfect every aspect of the CHIC Liquid Vinyl System. With a proven and perfected system, and a wealth of practical on-the-job experience, in February 2002, Bender embarked on a plan to expand his market across the United States through a network of Authorized CHIC Dealers through CHIC of America Dealer, Inc.