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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CHIC Liquid Vinyl System and CHIC Advanced Coating System the very same product?

Yes. When Stan Bender bought the original formula in 1984 the vinyl resin formula was the very best that technology had to offer, but vinyl does have some limitations. Over the last 3 decades, advancements in polymer technology have allowed CHIC to overcome those early limitations and give their customers a level of performance that was previously impossible. The CHIC product contains no vinyl and has not for a number of years. Instead, it utilizes the very best high tech co-polymer formula possible.

Does CHIC contain any ceramic?

No. A ceramic filler in a paint or coating does marginally reduce radiant heat transfer, but after doing an extensive study, CHIC concluded that adding ceramic filler to its coating would negatively affect its durability. In fact, CHIC discovered a study done at Oak Ridge for the US Navy that concluded that adding ceramic to a coating or paint hurts its durability.

Will CHIC actually last a lifetime?

The proof is in the pudding. CHIC has customers dating back to the mid 1980’s. Those customers testify that their homes look as good today as they did when the CHIC coating was first applied. In addition, the original inventor applied the coating to buildings in England back in the 1960’s.

Does Stan Bender both manufacture the CHIC Coating and apply the CHIC Coating?

Yes! Since 1984 Stan Bender has been manufacturing and has installed the CHIC system on thousands of buildings in Western Canada, The fact that he has been manufacturing and installing CHIC for such a long period of time should help alleviate any skepticism one might have about the CHIC System.

What kind of surfaces can receive CHIC?

CHIC is a permanent alternative to exterior house paint and can be applied to virtually any prepared and solid exterior paintable building surface, including wood, masonite, hardiboard, stucco, dryvit, and brick. Carolina Home Improvement Center never applies CHIC to any kind of damaged exterior siding or wood.

Does CHIC breathe? In other words, is CHIC a vapor permeable coating?

That is a very important question. If a paint or coating were not vapor permeable there could be a potential build up of moisture in the wall that could result in mold, mildew, or rot. ASTM International testing proves that CHIC is a very vapor permeable coating.

Speaking of testing, what kind of testing has been done on CHIC?

CHIC has been tested in independent laboratories using ASTM International testing procedures for coatings. CHIC has passed all of those tests with flying colors. But the real test of CHIC has been in the real world. CHIC has been on some buildings in North America since the mid 1980’s and on walls in England since the mid 1960s. Some of those buildings are in the harshest climates.

What about the warranty?

It is a registered factory warranty. When an authorized contractor such as Carolina Home Improvement Center installs CHIC it states to both the manufacturer and to the customer that the preparation of the surface and the application of the product has been done to factory specifications. In light of that certification by the contractor, the manufacturer warranties the CHIC Coating for as long as you live in your home. You get a written, non-prorated warranty that is transferable one time.

What is the relationship of Carolina Home Improvement Center to CHIC Advanced Coating System?

Carolina Home Improvement Center is an authorized factory contractor for CHIC and was founded in 2003 for the specific purpose of being a CHIC authorized contractor. Since its founding Carolina Home Improvement Center has installed CHIC on nearly 450 buildings.