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CHIC Advanced Coating System

Your exterior walls face a relentless battle against the elements. In order to provide the greatest protection for your building's exterior, The CHIC Advanced Coating System bonds proprietary high-strength polymers together. The result is unmatched beauty and durability, as well as superior strength and weather resistance. CHIC remains the industry leader in advanced polymer technology.

Low odor and environmentally friendly, the CHIC® Advanced Coating System is proven to outperform conventional paints and coatings, providing unprecedented long-term value. In order to incorporate only the best technology available, we use no PVAs, ceramic fillers or potentially harmful PVCs in our products.

CHIC® Advanced Coating is not a paint, but is a high viscosity liquid resin applied coating system designed in Canada to provide long term protection for all types of stucco and masonry, as well as properly prepared metal and wood surfaces. Our proprietary blend of Polymer Resins provides extreme protection from the elements and unmatched durability - lasting far longer than conventional paint systems.

Proven on the walls of literally thousands of homes and commercial buildings since 1984, CHIC is available in the North Carolina area through Carolina Home Improvement Center, Inc.

Residential Buildings

Are you tired of crack and peeling paint? Trying to decide whether to invest in vinyl siding or traditional exterior paint? Consider the low cost alternative, CHIC Advanced Coating System and never paint again! Re-painting your house can be a big expense and unfortunately with traditional exterior paint it will need to be painted again after several years due to exposure to harsh conditions. Vinyl siding is also another costly option. Why not choose a permanent solution, with CHIC Advanced Coating System you are protected by a lifetime warranty and will never need to paint again!

Commercial Buildings

CHIC Advanced Coating Systems are extremely thick and durable. The liquid vinyl coating restores and weatherproofs exterior surfaces of any commercial building. With a lifetime warranty you can be assured that you will never have to paint the exterior walls of your building again. Our recent applications include the Harley Davidson Dealership, strip malls and hotels. If you're looking for a quality product that will stand the test of time then call today for your free no obligation estimate at (919) 665-5827.

Historical Buildings

Trusted to protect National Historical Landmarks such as the Frank Llyod Wright home CHIC Advanced Coating System provides a beautiful & extremely long lasting finish. CHIC Advanced Coating System is the perfect fit for any architectural style home because it's applied in liquid form. It's a beautiful, seamless and consistent finish that doesn't take away from the look of your home.