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What Our Clients Are Saying?

Our residential, commercial, and historic services have been highly praised with excellent results over the years. Don't take our word for it. Take our clients' word for it.

"We considered painting our house but since we plan to be here many years, CHIC was the logical choice…. It is unusual to find a contractor with standards equal to, or higher than the home owners. We were pleased that you check on the job every day and took time to talk with us about the job, every step of the way."
- Thomas & Clair Niver, Raleigh, NC
"The most remarkable thing that earned my testimonial was your prompt response to begin and complete the work after the agreement was made. We commend you and your workers on their prompt and professional completion of the work in a very short time. "
- Barbie Morgan, Winston-Salem, NC
"While we have had our house painted before, only after your crew applied the CHIC treatment did we receive so many compliments on how great the house looks."
- Eugene Kasper, Pinehurst, NC
"It is very evident that your number one goal is customer satisfaction, obtained through honesty and a job well done. You took my embarrassing home that was in desperate need of improvement and made a beautiful home for me that I am very proud of."
- Carolyn Raynor, Pinehurst, NC
"It is refreshing to see a contractor go the extra mile to insure that the repairs, preparation, and painting are perfect. We were amazed at how much attention to detail both you and your crew provided on this project. We are extremely pleased with the finished project."
- Jim Huffines, Greensboro, NC
"The attention that your workers paid to the preparation of the house for the painting was at a level we had not seen before and the appearance of the house certainly shows it. I was impressed with the attention to detail everyone connected to the project showed."
- Glenn Pritchett, Raleigh, NC
"After seeing your product at the Raleigh home show in the spring of 2004, we began seriously looking at coating the siding rather than painting or installing vinyl siding. A little investigation quickly led me to believe that the installation is equally as important as the quality of material. Your explanations before the sale turned out exactly "as promised" when the crew began work. When you make a decision to improve your house of this magnitude reassurance that you made the "right" decision comes in 2 parts….our neighbors confirmed the first part, IT LOOKS GREAT! You have confirmed the second part, a willingness to stand behind your work and your word!!!!"
- Jim Cooper, Lake Gaston, NC
"I have been going behind painters in the gated community I live in. I was not impressed with their work, to say the least. After we met and you explained what your company could do for me, I decided to take a chance on you. What I ended up with was an amazing paint job."
- Ed Shaw, Sanford, NC